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JARED LETO.Hephaistion


 I did not make this video but I hope that you enjoy seeing it:).

May Birthday's

For your day  in May I hope it's full of joy, fun and love:)

Birthday Shout Out's

Happy Birthday to you all that have Birthdays this month:)!!!

Happy Birthday

 To spacequeen I hope that your Birthday day is one of love and fun:)

Re: Happy February Birthday's

I hope that your day is full of love, family,joy and friend's:)

Fandom Writer's

I would like to take this time to thank the wonderful writer's for the time you put into your work. This year's reading posting's have been truly a blast. P.S. Thank you,thank you. Please keep up the great work:)

Re: Happy Birthday

If your birthday is this month please take the time to enjoy it:)
Hi the Walking Dead fan fiction that I'm looking for is titled A Woman's Worth it's by Spikessayer8. Chapter's 1-19 were posted at ff.net but now there gone. And I'm wonder if that whole story rating thing has something to do with this. If you know where this story is posted now or if the author has a journal please let me know.